Harrison landscape.

Hemmed-In-Hollow Trail


Hemmed-In-Hollow Trail & Waterfall

Length: 5 miles roundtrip, 4 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous

Description: The trail features the tallest waterfall in mid-America. The 175 ft. falls merely trickle most of the year, but in spring it is a photographer's delight. Steep hill climbing on the way out so you'll want to have at least average physical ability. You can also float by canoe on the Buffalo National River to get to the falls. Hemmed-In Hollow Falls is just a short walk from the Buffalo River.

Directions: The trail head is located in Compton, 17 miles south of Harrison on County Road 19 off Highway 43 South. Turn left at Compton and then take two rights to the trail head.

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