Harrison landscape.

Triple Falls (Twin Falls)


Triple Falls (Twin Falls)

Length: 1/2 mile round-trip, 1 hour maximum
Difficulty: Easy

Description: Triple Falls is one of the most beautiful and photographed waterfalls in the Ozarks and in Arkansas. The official name is Twin Falls, but in high water it has three distinct falls. Triple Falls is located at Camp Orr Boy Scout Camp south of Harrison AR.

Directions: Travel south on Highway 7 to Jasper and turn on Highway 74 traveling towards Ponca. You can also take Highway 43 South to Ponca and then take Highway 74 East. From Jasper, travel seven miles to a gravel road with a sign that says, "Camp Orr Boy Scout Camp". Follow the road for approximately three miles to the bottom of the mountain where you will see a sign for Twin Falls.

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