Harrison landscape.

Indian Rock House Trail


Indian Rockhouse Trail- Self Guided Nature Trail

Length: 3.5 Miles, 3-5 Hours
Difficulty: Moderate-Strenuous

Location: Buffalo Point, 14 miles south of Yellville on Hwy 14, then three miles east on Hwy. 268

Description: The Indian Rockhouse Trail winds across hillsides and along a beautiful stream to the spectacular Indian Rockhouse Cave, which once sheltered prehistoric bluff-dwelling Native Americans (there are no "ruins" at the site). There is also a side trip to Bat Cave. The length of the round trip is three miles (five miles if you are going to Bat Cave) and coming back uphill. It can get quite tiring. Allow 3-4 hours for the trip to Rockhouse Cave or 4-5 hours if you include Bat Cave. The trail begins across the road from the trailhead parking lot. Two trails angle off from the road. Take the right, or lower, trail. If you have hiked the trail in years past, you will notice that the routing has been reversed to take better advantage of the loops and make return trip easier.

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