Harrison landscape.

Fall Colors/Maplewood Cemetery


Located just a few minutes from downtown Harrison AR, Maplewood Cemetery is planted with over 733 Sugar Maple trees that explode in an array of vivid colors every autumn. The peak of color is usually in mid to late October or early November depending on environmental conditions. This year, the peak seems to be poised to occur from the last weekend in October extending to the first weekend in November or beyond. By nature, Sugar Maples turn many different colors with their own individual personalities which mean that they turn the same each year. From deep reds, to vibrant oranges and bright yellows, the sugar maples in Maplewood Cemetery offer a wide array of colors and a terrific setting for walking, driving, photography or just absorbing the peaceful surroundings.

Organized in 1901, the “20th Century Club” is an important ingredient in the life of Maplewood Cemetery. The club has been selflessly dedicated to the maintenance and beautification of Maplewood Cemetery and Rose Hill Cemetery, a smaller burial ground within the Harrison city limits. They are critical to the success of the property and have been so for over 110 years.

The latest project undertaken at Maplewood Cemetery was the complete restoration and beautification of some of the 733 trees. After the 2009 ice storm that hit Harrison extremely hard, some of the trees sustained damage that had to be fixed. Phase I of the restoration project was completed and was a survey of all the maple trees that included a tag. Phase II was completed early in 2011 and included trimming bad limbs on trees, mulching all trees, weeding and the removal and replacement of some 75 severely damaged trees. Over 10,135 hours of labor was recorded for this project.

Maplewood Cemetery is located on Maplewood Road, just south of Hwy 43 East in Harrison, Arkansas.

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