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Lyric Theatre


115 W. Rush St., Harrison, AR 72601

Built in 1929 as a movie theater for "talkies", the Lyric Theatre is a unique venue for plays and concert.

The Lyric is where the community comes together for community activities such as:

Live Play Performances
North Arkansas College Drama Performances
Acting Workshops
The Ozark Children's Choir
Numerous Films & Documentaries
Community Service Activities
Christmas and other Holiday activities
Veterans Day Celebrations
Musical Touring Artist

Seating Capacity of the Lyric Theatre
Main floor - 240
Balcony - 125

General Specifications of the Lyric Theatre
Width of proscenium - 27 ft.
Height of proscenium - 16 ft.
Stage width between walls - 34 ft.
Stage depth from front curtain to back wall - 14 ft.
Top stage size - 14 ft. deep by 27 ft. across
Lower stage size - 16 ft. deep by 21 ft. across
Standard size stage door
Stage loading door - 88 in. wide by 94 in. high
Stage left wing width - 5.5 ft. by 14.5 ft.
Stage right wing width - 2 ft. by 12 ft.
Front curtain (green velour) travel - Front half 5 ft. by 5 ft.; Back half 7 ft. x 9.5 ft.
Scrim curtain (white poly) travel
Side curtains
Stage left side loft with window - 4 ft. by 7 ft.
Stage right side loft with window - 4 ft. by 7 ft.

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